Growth Dynamics of West Atlantic Hawkbills

A spatio-temporal evaluation of somatic growth dynamics of West Atlantic Hawkbills Karen A. Bjorndal, Milani Chaloupka, Vincent S. Saba, Carlos E. Diez, Robert P. van Dam, Barry H. Krueger, Julia A. Horrocks, Armando J. B. Santos, Cláudio Bellini, Maria A. G. Marcovaldi, Mabel Nava, Sue […]

Conch: Shaping a Sustainable Fishery Through Science

Conch: Shaping a Sustainable Fishery Through Science Presented by Frederick E. Arnett II Frederick Arnett, Leander Lacy, Shiela M.W. Reddy, Felicity Burrows, and Shenique Albury-Smith Throughout the Caribbean, the queen conch (Lobatus gigas formerly called Strombus gigas) is considered a precious marine resource. Fisheries managers, […]

Would You Sleep in a Graveyard?

Would you sleep in a graveyard? Assessing queen conch’s behavioral response to knocked shells Presented by Claire Thomas Claire Thomas and Oliver Dodd Queen conch are in decline throughout most of their range, including in The Bahamas. Overfishing and the harvest of juvenile conch are […]

Spiny Lobster Recruitment Dynamics

New insights on the postlarvae supply into the Florida spiny lobster population Presented by Iris Segura-García Iris Segura-García, Mike Tringali, John Huny, Stephen Box Larval transport and recruitment are fundamental ecological processes to understand population dynamics in marine species. For the Caribbean spiny lobster, Panulirus […]

Political Ecology of the Bahamian Spiny Lobster Fishery

Political ecology of The Bahamian spiny lobster fishery and policy implications of an interdisciplinary framework Presented by Karlisa Calwood Karlisa Calwood In recent years, The Bahamian spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) fishery has transitioned to the use of condos (or casitas) as the primary fishing method. […]

Queen Conch Population Density

Queen Conch (Lobatus Gigas) Population Density predicted by benthic habitat in The Bahamas Presented by Andrew Kough Andrew Kough, Sarah Lovett, Candice Brittain, and Nathan Truelove The iconic queen conch (Lobatus gigas) is an economically and culturally important species in much of the Caribbean. However, […]

Population Structure of Endangered Nassau Grouper

Understanding population structure of endangered Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) for supporting their conservation in The Bahamas Presented by Krista D. Sherman Krista D. Sherman, Kristine L. Stump, Craig P. Dahlgren, R. Andrew King, Jamie R. Stevens, Steve D. Simpson, and Charles R. Tyler Effective fisheries […]

Nassau Grouper Migratory Movements

Acoustic Telemetry reveals Nassau Grouper migratory movements during spawning season to unreported location in The Bahamas Presented by Kristine Stump Kristine Stump, Craig Dahlgren, Krista Sherman, and Charles Knapp The Nassau grouper, Epinephelus striatus, was once one of the most important fishery species in the […]

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust: Bahamas Initiative Presented by Justin Lewis Justin Lewis The bonefish (Albula vulpes) is an economically important sport fish in the Islands of the Bahamas and throughout its geographical range. Until recently little was known about the species movements and the effects […]

A Population Estimate for Bonefish in South Eleuthera

A population estimate for bonefish in South Eleuthera: implications for management and development Presented by Zachary Zuckerman Zachary Zuckerman, Stephanie Shaw, Michael Allen, Aaron Adams, Aaron Shultz The recreational bonefish industry is worth an estimated $141 million to The Bahamas, and is considered an important […]